Full Camp Programme

Expect surprises during this weekend but nonetheless here is a skeleton schedule to get you oriented.


Day 1

What is success FOR YOU?

What is your goal? What is your IKIGAI? What does success mean for you?

These are questions that you will answer in your application process to the weekend. Such answers will help us tailor the weekend activities and processing in a way that helps you make the most out of this weekend.

Individually, you will be confirming the long-term goal, and goal for this weekend. If your goal is not clear yet, we will be exploring that during this workshop.

Some men refuse to outline what success means for them, in the fear of not achieving their goals and having to deal with the bitterness that failure brings.  This is a recipe for long lasting dissatisfaction.

Others find it next to impossible to even understand what their goals might be. Let Man Up help you put a stop to that. In this session we will articulate your goals then spend The Camp helping you perfect tools and strategies towards them.

Survival Skills

Improve your chances of surviving the wild with the help of an Ex-soldier specialising in survival.

Outdoor survival skills are not just cool to show off to your friends, they change your perspective on life.  Being resourceful and competent are fundamental to your esteem.  Let us show you how you can use that information to make radical life changes.

Lighting fire

(literally and metaphorically)

Lighting fire without matches is a ritual.  Keeping it lit is a skill.
Same can be said about igniting your inner flame.

It’s time to make that baby burn and to sharpen your blade in the flame.

What’s Cookin’?

Cooking your food over an open flame takes patience and attention. These meditative skills will set you apart in today’s neurotic world. Master you cool.

Moreover, feeding yourself gives you independence. Fulfilling your own emotional, psychological, and financial needs does the same.

Let’s talk about what it will take for you to be both reliant on yourself and the rock that others look towards for encouragement and support.

Mindfulness Whisky session

By Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials

After an intense day of self-discovery, it’s time to kick off your boots for a Whisky lubricated powwow with your new Man Up brethren.

For the first time ever Man Up will be teaming up with Frank’s Gentlemen’s Essentials for a mindfulness session that will connect you with a substrate of your mind that controls most of your life choices, without you even realising.

It’s also an excuse to try some good whisky 😉

Let your taste buds be the path to your inner peace!

Day 2

Early rise

All successful people know that the morning ritual is cardinal to making huge life shifts.

The theme for the day will be the interplay between order and chaos and how riding that ancient pendulum with skill, will take you to where you need to be.

And now, for the chaos…

Military Training

John Spartan is a bad ass straight out of the US Navy. To John physical exertion is much more about building character than it is about building your biceps. Although looking good naked never hurt anyone.

Unchain your inner beast.

Between Yin And Yang

All men have a feminine side and all women have a masculine side.  For a person to be at peace with themselves they need to be comfortable being in touch with both.  The truer you are to yourself the less anxious you will feel round others.

Changing The Game

Now is the time to soak in the Man Up experience and talk about your own journey with the group. Let your Man Up brethren know what changes you will be making as of today.

What are the steps you have decided to take towards finding the Ultimate You.

You cannot believe how truly eager we are to hear about your plan.

Closing off weekend

Who am I? Who do I want to be?
The workshop that completes the weekend.  Who are you? Who do you want to be?  How will you reduce the distance between the two until they both meet?

All participants will be entitled to a 45 minute one to one session with either Jon or Matthew within the following 2 weeks of the camp. During this meeting Man Up will asses how close they are to the goal and how they can get their more efficiently.


Sat 5th - Sun 6th Dec

Sat 23rd - Sun 24th Jan

Sat 20th - Sun 21st Feb